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“B*tches get stuff done”

A republican member of Congress from Florida….called AOC a b*tch. Why? When, in a meeting where the rise in gun deaths and violence was being discussed with the victims and family members of victims of Gun Violence, A.O.C. mentioned the … Continue reading

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I love to cook and….Cooking is labor.

Yesterday I cooked all my parents Sunday meals made from scratch. It was a labor of love. It seems at least one girl child in my Mothers family line inherited the cooking gene. Mom got it in her family. It’s … Continue reading

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We are not fine and admitting this is okay.

I love Costrastrology’s Instagram posts. Before the pandemic I was like astrology is bullshit. Now I’m not so convinced. Reading their star signs I’m stunned how they are relatable. I’m a Pisces Aries cusp and I feel all the things … Continue reading

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Creating a new system of Being right now.

It’s April 20th, middle class working class and poor Americans and small businesses haven’t gotten stimulus checks from the government while Shake Shack got a 10 Million Dollar bailout check. I saw a post by a successful black woman who … Continue reading

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Who is showing up for you?

Who is showing up for you right now? Who are the people who keep appointments with you? Who are the people who are calling to check up on you? Who are the people supporting your work? Right now. Focus on … Continue reading

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Privilege reflected on Zoom

I see White Dominance reflected in the backgrounds of the homes of people I’m taking classes with on Zoom. Hardwood floors with beautiful rugs from Indonesia or tibet perfectly placed.  Expensive zafu (meditation cushions) and yoga mats expertly placed for … Continue reading

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Slow down and live.

A yoga teacher I know @leorising posted  this quote on his instagram feed- “Crisis doesn’t create character. It reveals it.” It’s true. Who you show up for, and who show up for you right now are the people who truly … Continue reading

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And then, it happened.

I was just thinking about people who don’t have a washer and dryer in their homes. There was a time when I had gotten back together with this guy I lived with. We kept our housing situation separate but were … Continue reading

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Fight Fair

I fail at romantic relationships gloriously. It’s just my karma. In failure there is wisdom, and as I age I deepen my awareness. One of my contributions to the failure of my past relationships is… I didn’t fight fair. I’m … Continue reading

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Perimenopause papers 3: Be human

I am 49 and today, I’m feeling it. All of the feelings are happening now. Perimenopause, the end of a stage of life, the end of a possibility. To have the potential to carry a life to nurture and grow … Continue reading

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