Slow down and live.


A yoga teacher I know @leorising posted  this quote on his instagram feed-

“Crisis doesn’t create character. It reveals it.”

It’s true.

Who you show up for, and who show up for you right now are the people who truly matter.

It’s really easy to let the mind go to a space of lack when resources actually begin to diminish.

Most people don’t have the bandwidth to prepare for hard situations so they distract themselves always moving searching for the high.

Do that if it serves you.  Do your workouts, socialize and get those endorphins going.

I wonder how many of us are still medicating with work…even during this pandemic. Now’s the time do that while it lasts. Keep your mind right.

I wonder what it would feel like to slow down.

I mean if you have enough, if you have the privilege of being well taken care of, you have resources…are you able to slow down right now?

In that slow down, can you tune in to empathy rather than tuning it out?

On MSNBC just a minute ago, I saw a nurse in New York City in tears because she just quit her job afraid because there is no protective gear for her to use and she has a family of her own to take care of…she wants to live.

As we go into this week, which the pandemic experts are saying will be like another Pearl Harbor, can you slow down in order to tune in and find a way of being of service?

Those of us who have privilege, (our health is a privilege) can we use this time to develop our ability to be empathetic, not practice being empathetic…but . We are living in a time where we will need to do more than one thing at a time.

Now is the time to practice patience, with family we are sheltered in with.

Now is the time to practice creativity, to find solutions to problems that seem insolvable.

Now is the time to learn to love ourselves unconditionally, we aren’t going out to get our hair done, nails done, putting on make up or having the perfect outfit to be or do we just are.

Now is the time to live. Friends in cities are telling me, they are able to see stars in the night sky…they are hearing owls and nightingales and other animals normally silenced by humans in usual times.  Life is all around us.  Remember this.

Now is the time to give.

Now is the time to show up for ourselves and connect to joy while being there to support others when we can.

Now is the time to ASK FOR HELP when needed and humbly receive.

Now is the time..for gratitude.

“Crisis doesn’t create character.  It reveals it.”





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