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Could it be that everyone is right?

Earlier this spring I took vows to enter the pathway of Kadampa Buddhism.  I discovered their mediation center right after 9/11.  I was wrecked and attending meditation class just made me feel better.  So the past 13 years I would drop … Continue reading

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4 reasons why “polite society” did not belive Cosby’s Accusers

When Hannibal Burress told the joke about Bill Cosby last year, it was not the first time. That bit had been done many, many times before someone happened to record it and post it online. The joke was also funny because folks … Continue reading

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Comedy, Relatability and the Almighty Dollar

Corporate comics are pissed off.  Jerry Seinfield declares, “Political Correctness will DESTROY COMEDY!”,  Chris Rock won’t perform on college campuses, and white male comics are rushing to defend the newest A lister Amy Schumer who has been called out for … Continue reading

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The Gratitutde Factor and the quest for understanding.

Last week on Marc Maron’s podcast, WTF,  Wyatt  Cenac (WC) shared the reason he left The Daily Show a few years ago.  The show was more therapy session than interview.  WC’s honesty  was courageous in a world where social media … Continue reading

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Aren’t they here…to Protect and Serve?

Last spring, on the way to an acting class I was stopped by a black male cop on the subway. It was over a defective turnstile, and about 20 other subway riders, who happened to all be white, had the … Continue reading

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