Who is showing up for you?

Who is showing up for you right now?

Who are the people who keep appointments with you? Who are the people who are calling to check up on you? Who are the people supporting your work?

Right now. Focus on the people who are showing up for you…today. Show these folks love and gratitude.

If anyone is not showing up for you in any way shape or form…energetically release.

Send that person love and blessings and let go of any negative graspy feelings you are experiencing.

Because you see my friends…now is a time like never before in our lives where we all are dealing with uncertainty at high levels.

Folks don’t have the bandwidth to listen right now. The weight of the world is just too heavy.

Particularly for those of us who are single, and on our own…we must remember the first love of our lives is ourself.

No matter what love relationship…it will end in tragedy. Someone in the relationship will eventually leave the relationship. The ONLY person you will be with for your entire life…is you.

Find comfort knowing that you have to love and care for yourselves first best and always. As you connect to your inner power, you are able to be a better person for all of the impermanent relationships around you.

Knowing all relationships will end, allows us not to take people for granted. Impermanence allows us to only make appointments we know we can keep so we don’t waste someone else’s time.

When we value anything in this world, we show up. Whether it’s for a virtual class with an instructor we want to support, or a volunteer organization or a loved one. Now more than ever who we show up for means so much to other people.

It really is a balance. Tuning into our own power through meditation, moving our bodies daily and reaching out for help from a mental health professionals when needed are building blocks for a vibrant life no matter what the outside world is throwing at us.

I find it extremely difficult to stay positive about anything without my self-care tools. It’s super easy to infect people with negative energy so my time being alone and showing up for myself allows me to go through the process of healing my mind body and doing what needs to be done energetically in order for me to be positive. And that internal work my friends….is a service to the community.

When we show up for ourselves…we open the pathway to our natural state…joy. While I may not always be a happy person….I am ALWAYS connected to my joy body.

Remember, the number one person who needs to value and show up for you my friends….is you.




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Entertainment/Wellness Journalist, Writer, Playwright, Actor, Producer, Vegan Chef Contributor - Black Girl Nerds.com Founder - VisAbleblackwoman Productions
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  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is so powerful, thank you for sharing x

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