Creating a new system of Being right now.

It’s April 20th, middle class working class and poor Americans and small businesses haven’t gotten stimulus checks from the government while Shake Shack got a 10 Million Dollar bailout check.

I saw a post by a successful black woman who is a financial expert who encourages people to have 6 months emergency savings. She centers people with good credit and is a corporate advocate urging what we now are calling frontline workers to work overtime in order to pay old debts and basic living expenses.

What about the people who work paycheck to paycheck who are now the people who are actually essential workers? Financial coaches are grounded in individual capitalism myth designed to kill the working class and the poor.

So the goal of individual Americans is to look out for number one, be rich and sidestep the injust system that is killing all of us and be a member of the 1%.

Rich people in America get bailed out and the middle and working classes work to pay for everything until we die in debt. Instead of organizing strikes to change the system and supporting small businesses.. most people conform to the system until something happens that effects them personally.

But guess what, even if you are mindful with your money and grow old with abundance, you could be put into a fancy nursing home, the people who work in that nursing home are not paid a fair living wage, corporations take more money for profit and people STILL face horrible death as we see happening right now.

Everyone works harder more hours for a system designed to kill us in order to attain minimal individual comfort.

This budget coach I spoke about earlier was saying to use the stimulus to pay down debt or save it or invest it.

How can you save a stimulus when you haven’t received it? How can you pay down a debt whet when you have no income? How can you save 6 months rent when their several jobs barely pay basic expenses?

When we do invest in education we have to get loans to pay for college. People if color get paid less money than those other groups while working 150% harder than every other group our health suffers…. and on top of that have to pay back student loan debt at higher levels we pay higher amount for housing and health care…. while other groups get educated for less money due to “legacy” programs, pay lower rent and get paid a higher amount than people of color when working for corporations.

Yet the best advice given by these black financial coaches is work harder and pay off your debt. 🤦🏾‍♀️.

If everyone in the working class and the first responders went on a general strike, and everyone stayed home until student loan debt was relieved…we could create change.

The good news is we CAN create conscious change. We create this system.

Here are three steps we can do right now,to create a new system of being.

1. Search out and support POC and fitness coaches and wellness professionals with smaller followings on Instagram and Patreon.

2. If you are working with a steady income give your stimulus to someone in you community who isn’t working.

3. Work towards changing the system politically on both national and local levels. Go to and take constant daily action to be the change you want to see in this country.

Let this be an opportunity….to be better. To live better. To care for one another. To develop authentic empathy. Grounded in equity.




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Entertainment/Wellness Journalist, Writer, Playwright, Actor, Producer, Vegan Chef Contributor - Black Girl Founder - VisAbleblackwoman Productions
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