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Birth of a Nation, Nate Parker and Fox. Hmmmm…..Know your brand.

These are  about 6 large companies who own all Mass Media in the USA. Comcast The Walt Disney Company Time Warner Fox CBS Corporation Viacom These large companies control the bulk of what we watch on TV, Film and read in … Continue reading

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137 Black women Died today. Anyone Care? GirlTrek Cares.

137 black women die every day in America due to heart disease.  That’s more than gun violence or AIDS yet we don’t hear about this in the news. Can you imagine the uproar if news came out that 137 white … Continue reading

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The Black Girl Justice League…You in?

  Actions speak louder than words.  One person taking positive action creates a ripple effect of positivity that can move mountains. Each month in GirlTrek we have a different focus.  This month is Activism August…  Co founders Morgan & Vanessa … Continue reading

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