So…How’s your Anti-Racism Training Going?

Yes…newly woke white people…I’m talking to you.

Man I wish 21st century anti racist white folks could be like the anti slavery Quakers.

Where’s Lucretia Mott and William Garrison when you need them?

I mean Lucretia Mott was an anti slavery BOSS! From the founding of this country the Quakers were the only religion that outlawed chattel slavery. Imagine how conversations with their slave owning uncles went down! From the beginning, white abolitionists partnered with Black communities providing the resources to support Black abolitionists to fight for human rights and freedom for Black folks. The Underground Railroad was an interracial, cross generational network to freedom.

The Abolitinists didn’t sit in all white cohort groups lamenting about their fragility and shame about their white privilege and their non woke slave owning relatives. Okay, well, I’m sure some did, but here’s my point.

White abolitionists partnered with the Enslaved African Americans as friends committed to freedom.White abolitionists formed relationships with their fellow humans who were being disenfranchised.

The Quakers got over their white guilt and white fragility rolled up their sleeves and were committed to making the world better with love.

Quakers saw the power of equity and the dysfunction greed and focusing on individual wealth and power. Energy goes where attention is focused.

There is strength and power in diversity, but building strength takes pain and effort. And gaining power is a big responsibility.

Breaking caste takes mindful effort. Disrupting systemic racism means thinking more about how your words will impact another person before you say them…and being honest with yourselves about the intention behind your words. Breaking caste means not being comfortable.

A liar was President of the United States because the foundation of the United States is lies.

The white founding fathers lied and said the American dream was founded by rugged individualism. The American dream was founded by government approved land theft and kidnapping folks using advanced weaponry, terrorism and psychological warfare to force them to do all the work building America for no pay.

When chattel slavery ended…white men just did a systemic racism reboot and asserted their dominance in the Jim Crow South and the segregated North. White men with power created corporations based on the plantation system where workers were paid as little as possible for as much work as possible toiling in want their entire life span.

The American dream requires a team. The band aid has been ripped off and yes Amerikkka is racist, committed to greed, individual wealth, and manipulating others to benefit the nuclear family. That greed based America will destroy itself.

Now is the time to roll up your sleeves white folks and do the work to clean up the mess your ancestors created on this land. Look to The Abolitionists and the reconstruction era to do your fair share of the work of actually building a New America grounded in equity, community care and authentic love beyond the safety of your all white anti racism classes.

The election shows us that half the country is quite happy with white dominance and individual wealth at the expense of the disenfranchised.

Are you ready to get over your white guilt amd actually go the work required to make a New America, grounded in equity, community care and love?

Are you ready to put the anti racism books down and widen your social circles to make friendships beyond your socio-economic class and skin color?

Are you ready to pick up where Lucretia Mott and William Garrison left off?



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1 Response to So…How’s your Anti-Racism Training Going?

  1. Maggie says:

    Jeanine, your wisdom and truth get me in the gut. Thank you.


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