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Learning to Respect Religions

  Our society seems to be obsessed with simplicity and categorizing people into boxes.  I strongly believe the root cause of all that keeps human kind together is this need to throw away our oneness and divide ourselves into teams. … Continue reading

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The Business of Show- Oscars = Wealth

A dear friend of mine has an Oscar’s party every year.  She invited me, I told her I wasn’t going, she understood.  She posted something about the Oscars on her FB page… The comments of some of her friends in … Continue reading

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Are Black male writers Erasing the “Black Couple” on TV and Film?

The TV Show black-‘ish’s episode 23 “Elephant in the room”  was brilliant.  If you haven’t seen the show, the structure is basically from Dre’s (the father who works in advertising) perspective.   The basic structure of the sitcom is:  a situation … Continue reading

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