“B*tches get stuff done”


A republican member of Congress from Florida….called AOC a b*tch.


When, in a meeting where the rise in gun deaths and violence was being discussed with the victims and family members of victims of Gun Violence, A.O.C. mentioned the connection of gun violence to poverty.

The lack of management of the pandemic has amplified the weakness of the Amerikkkan caste system built on slave labor & wages, and lack of access to resources.

People who aren’t working or paying rent during a pandemic are focusing on feeding themselves and their families while death is all around them. That $600 Unemployment insurance will end this week for many folks… and there is no plan to extend that insurance during a pandemic!!!!!

A rise in gun violence happens every year in Brooklyn. I know, I lived in Crown Heights for almost 3 years. Whenever the weather gets warm in summer in neigborhoods like Crown Heights, Brooklyn….gun violence goes up. Why? The desire to escape poverty by any means necessary.

This fact is connected to the Amerikkkan system of capitalism where those who are able to have access to resources, by any means necessary, thrive, and those who don’t have resources…are resources for the upper castes.

From investment bankers who use unethical practices to make the most money possible, to a rigged education system that only admits those with the proper legacy lineage, those with resources to focus solely on education in order to pass the tests and gain the scholarships required to get into the limited spaces of institutes of higher learning so that they can enter the elite castes and be served by the lower castes.

That’s the REAL Amerikkkan dream…to belong to an upper caste and have enough money not to do all the shit work you don’t wanna do while lower caste members do the work of running society for low wages as “essential workers”.

In turn, folks living in poverty create their own caste systems. Some, controlled by Christian based ethics, work hard in those low paying jobs where most of their money goes to greedy landlords, and taxed, and their only hope is to invest the rest of what they earn into their children’s education, sacrificing their very lives so that their children can hopefully move into the upper castes and have better lives.

Others in the lower castes see the system as rigged and corrupt and work outside the caste system, they feed on the despair and hopelessness of poverty for profit. The profiteers of poverty see the corrupt system clearly and take money and power by selling joy to those without joy in the form of pills and powders that bring the addicted temporary relief from the relentless grind of being poor in Amerikkka.

That poverty…is the foundation of the financial Abundance of the upper castes. It’s on purpose that those of us who make less money pay more in taxes, for rent , for everything it takes to live in this world.

When A.O.C. speaks the truth about poverty…..some republican Congress dude from Florida chastises her and calls her a b*tch.

As AOC said….bitches get stuff done.

Article from HuffPo

When MLK was murdured he was talking about shifting poverty.

Think about that.

Those white folks out on the streets screaming for justice then going home to privilege will you use your power to bring equity by abolishing the Amerikkkan Caste system?

Are you willing to …abolish poverty?

Will you protest to abolish student loan debt?

Will you fight for a basic income for every citizen in this nation?


Will you do all you can to create a system that includes health care for all? What about fair clean housing for all with access to clean water and excellent education for al children no matter how much money their family makes?

You got the power and privilege ….use it. Be the B*tches that get stuff done.




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