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So…How’s your Anti-Racism Training Going?

Yes…newly woke white people…I’m talking to you. Man I wish 21st century anti racist white folks could be like the anti slavery Quakers. Where’s Lucretia Mott and William Garrison when you need them? I mean Lucretia Mott was an anti … Continue reading

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Oxygen Masks…Cutting cords

135 Black Women die every day of heart disease. Scores of  black men women and children are shot yearly by police. Black Women, Men and Children coexist with systemic racism each day of our lives in America. Our ancestors were … Continue reading

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Mindfulness & Meditation= Powerful tools to deal with racists.

I’ve been in Sarasota, Florida for about a month now.  I came down here to write.  I came down here to re-focus.  I normally do not go places like Florida because I hear crazy racist shit happens here.  Before I … Continue reading

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The Business of Show- Oscars = Wealth

A dear friend of mine has an Oscar’s party every year.  She invited me, I told her I wasn’t going, she understood.  She posted something about the Oscars on her FB page… The comments of some of her friends in … Continue reading

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Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster~ Sun Tzu ~Dealing with racism on Social Media

America is built on brutalizing black people.  Yet another brutalization of a young black girl by a man in uniform has been recorded on a cell phone.  This time it happened in a classroom in South Carolina.  As quickly as … Continue reading

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Black voices- We Need Keening

Keening is a tradition all native cultures share.  The word is from Ireland and is a tradition where the women wail for the dead. In traditional American African culture has a tradition of using the voice to heal trauma.  The slaves … Continue reading

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