Privilege reflected on Zoom

Home Studio Yoga Meditation Space 21 Super Ideas

I see White Dominance reflected in the backgrounds of the homes of people I’m taking classes with on Zoom.

Hardwood floors with beautiful rugs from Indonesia or tibet perfectly placed.  Expensive zafu (meditation cushions) and yoga mats expertly placed for maximum effect on camera.

I see White Dominance reflected in meditation and yoga teachers with perfect home studios easily able to transition to an online practice.

I see White Dominance reflected in the backgrounds of fitness instructors of color working out on small patios, small apartments  as they work to attract the homebound to their home practices since the high end gyms where these trainers spend their hard earned time training the wealthy have closed and laid them off without compensation.

I see  White Dominance reflected the backgrounds of people of color working out in the bedroom space, large enough for one yoga mat, between the closet door and the edge of the bed.

I hear White Dominance in the voices of liberal white women lamenting about the guilt they feel for being safe in their homes not knowing how to help the thousands suffering from COVID 19 in Urban Areas.  So paralyzed by their guilt, some of them have said they can do nothing their home yoga, consult with their spirit guides and crystals  and care for their own families.

The beneficiaries of white dominance are able to work from home, order take out, play video games and binge watch online tv, listen to podcasts, be on the internet, Christ, many are starting podcasts with the time they have to shelter in while being paid their full salaries.

It’s 2020 we are living in a pandemic and again White Dominance protects the majority and uses black and brown bodies as resources to fuel America.

America runs on slave labor.  Our culture thrives for the upper castes while the lower casts work hand to mouth in service to everyone else.

In the past, good liberal white people could ignore the American Caste system by sending money to black and brown people in far away places while not even seeing the black and brown people being exploited daily right in their own neighborhoods.

There’s this illusion that we care about one another in America…do we really?

Please stop being outraged about the American Caste system and do something to disrupt it.

Here are three things you can do to put your money to work in positive ways:

  1. Support universal basic income for everyone in   Connect to the non profit organization  Click the link to get more information about what Universal basic income is, how it works and how you can make a difference.
  2. As you are looking for online workouts, support fitness folks of color who aren’t already funded by large “wellness corporations”. Here are a few outstanding fitness professionals I recommend who are out there on Zoom and IG live leading classes because their gyms and clients have let them go during this shelter in place order.On IG: Barre_Bri, Brianna is outstanding Barre burn classes, core, and more
    yogi man_83. Ahmed leads yoga classes that build a strong mind and body
     apaigeofcandace Dr.Candace Harding is a Doctor of physical therapy and a    yoga teacher.  The perfect blend of science and yoga is what we need right now
    skillinaction Michelle Cassandra Johnson is a licensed clinical social worker and a yoga teacher.  Her book Skill in Action is the right guidebook for our times. Her meditation and yoga practice soothes the soul.
        urbanjourneydance My name is Jeanine, and I lead JourneyDance intuitive dance grounded in joy.  We dance to feel it , express it, grapple with it, reveal our hearts and let our bodies go while connecting to our natural state…joy.
  3.  Work in your cities on being politically involved.  Educate yourself. Find what you can do and actively do it all the time.  Now that we know Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee… post positive stuff about our nominee on your social media.  Make the shift to make progressive values of having universal healthcare and income  the building block to disrupting white dominance and create a culture grounded in actual equity.


White dominance uses race as a shield to blind us from the reality that we are all one people.  Viruses like COVID 19 are not going away.  Eventually there will be a virus that will get to those who benefit from White Dominance, wealth and privilege will not protect any of us from what Mother Nature holds in store.

Live the change you want to see in this world.

Stop being paralyzed and take action even with the personal challenges you face.  Who knows, if you are able to work towards disrupting this system and giving up a little of the benefits of white dominance, perhaps you will feel less guilty…about your privilege.





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