What Do I love about Being Black- Sisterhood

I now understand why  “woke” black women call each other…Sister.  Those moments when we are out there in the empire alone…a sister will shine some light with a look or a smile or a hello that is like an infusion of empowerment that enables me to silently deal with whatever situation may come my way.

Today I took a fantastic class at the gym.  It was super hard and at the end, the instructor said, “Turn to the person near you and give them a high-five”  I turned to the white woman next to me…she turned her back on me to high five a white woman behind her.   This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, won’t be the last, so I just put my hands down and bent down to pretend like I was tying my shoe.  I stood up and a sister was standing in front of me with a big old grin sweat pouring down her body just like me she said ,”WHOO!!  Good Job Lady!!!!”   We high-fived each other and laughed loud…  That my friend is sisterhood.

This interaction happens all the time, so many white women (of course not all but many in my experience) do not see people of color…unless these specific white women need something from the person of color.

Black women who are sisters…see one another.  We smile, we say excuse me, thank you and hello.  We nod when passing on the street and those simple kind acts can mean the world. Black women who are sisters show one another common courtesy in a world where many women black or white…do not.

When I’m out in the empire where white people, living in their happy ignorance, will knowingly or unknowingly throw at me, It’s nice to know I can see a sister…and share a kind nod and a smile that will help us both make it to the next moment with grace.  And that my friends…is some serious Black Girl Magic.






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