Do You Believe?


The one positive thing I’m holding onto from this election is the power of belief.  I see a person, who said they were going to do something ,when many people laughed and said it was never possible…this person, set an intention, stuck to it and it happened.

I know, I am oversimplifying in order to find a positive perspective.  Of course the entire system was, is, and always will be in favor of this awful person.  This country was built on racism, corruption, fear, terror and a caste system based on class and race.  This format has worked for over 200 years.  Okay.  So are we gonna sit back and complain and cry or are we going to make a plan, and then take action?

Yet, 8 years ago, there was another movement of belief.  We believed in hope and change.  Then what happened? Many things…to many things to say here on this little blog.

But how many of us, took action towards actually making hope and change happen?  How many of us were more interested in some reality show or getting our hair done, or vacation, or our job or individual family issue to actually be engaged in our communities?

How many of us were so focused on our personal interest that we lost track of the world around us?

Well, the results of this election are what happens when we do not believe.

We have become soft.  Now is the opportunity to develop…grit.  Part of the American dream is be corrupt, make a lot of money and become an idol.

Now is the time to show up.  Now is the time to hold ourselves accountable and step into our power.  We must believe we can in order to do.  No matter what anyone else says.

I think about how my ancestors  survived…through segregation, through Jim Crow, through slavery… they survived and found a way to thrive so that I could carry on that strength, that power, that belief on to the next generation.

This is an opportunity.  An opportunity to believe that we can.  Believe that we can listen more than talk.  Believe that we can do whatever it is we want to do with this limited life time we are given.

Educate yourselves about the world around you by READING.   Know facts then build what you want to create by what you believe.

Start with your individual life.  Commit to something. Believe it can happen.  Then make it so.

If we believe everything is possible.  It’s never over. There is always another day.  It’s time to ante up and kick in.

Believe in your yes.  That’s all we’ve got..right?




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Entertainment/Wellness Journalist, Writer, Playwright, Actor, Producer, Vegan Chef Contributor - Black Girl Founder - VisAbleblackwoman Productions
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