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The Courage to Walk Away

(For clarity on identity, I am a cis- gendered straight woman. In this blog when I refer to “women” I’m referring to cis-gendered straight women dealing with cis-gendered straight men) I’m not a fan of reality TV and don’t watch … Continue reading


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Soft Enough to Bend and Grow

I look back at my recent past experiences with relationships and I see how weak I was with the facade of “strong black woman”. Continue reading

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What Prince did for me….

Purple Rain was released June 25, 1984, and somehow I saw it. I don’t remember how I saw it, I wasn’t allowed to see it, I wasn’t supposed to see it, but I saw it.  And it inspired me.   … Continue reading

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The strength of TRIBAL communites create the foundation to embody collective oneness

It’s Columbus Day and I woke up kinda agitated.  Just this week on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore,  Larry interviewed Roni Dean Burren (CLICK HERE to watch) the Texas Mom who challenged her son’s textbook publishers for attempting to whitewash … Continue reading

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