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Mindfulness & Meditation= Powerful tools to deal with racists.

I’ve been in Sarasota, Florida for about a month now.  I came down here to write.  I came down here to re-focus.  I normally do not go places like Florida because I hear crazy racist shit happens here.  Before I … Continue reading

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There was a fire next door and….

Photo by Edward T. Morris I’ve been silent the past few weeks because I’m in rehearsals for a play, The Unrepeatable Moment by John Yearley at The Barrow Group Theater in NYC. Yesterday, during our first rehearsal run with lights and … Continue reading

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Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster~ Sun Tzu ~Dealing with racism on Social Media

America is built on brutalizing black people.  Yet another brutalization of a young black girl by a man in uniform has been recorded on a cell phone.  This time it happened in a classroom in South Carolina.  As quickly as … Continue reading

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My Feminism is connected to my FREEDOM- why I cut my locs and went back to being vegan

I became a vegetarian back in 1998 for my health, became vegan to fit in, started eating animal protein for a relationship.  In 1997 I started to loc my hair. I wanted to see how long I could grow my hair … Continue reading

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Black voices- We Need Keening

Keening is a tradition all native cultures share.  The word is from Ireland and is a tradition where the women wail for the dead. In traditional American African culture has a tradition of using the voice to heal trauma.  The slaves … Continue reading

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