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Beyoncé Lioness…Goddess…Thank You.

I wrote this post on my facebook page…but really…it’s a blog. The American entertainment industry loves to portray African American women as weak mothers with broken families. While it glorifies the White mother. Just look at all the TV shows … Continue reading

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What Do I love about Being Black- Sisterhood

I now understand why  “woke” black women call each other…Sister.  Those moments when we are out there in the empire alone…a sister will shine some light with a look or a smile or a hello that is like an infusion … Continue reading

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Is there ever “Safe Space” for black folks?

Friday Boot Camp is one of my favorite hard ass classes.  I arrive early, chat with the teacher and set up the gear in my favorite spot. A few weeks ago, some small pushy white woman with long dark hair pulled … Continue reading

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Birth of a Nation, Nate Parker and Fox. Hmmmm…..Know your brand.

These are  about 6 large companies who own all Mass Media in the USA. Comcast The Walt Disney Company Time Warner Fox CBS Corporation Viacom These large companies control the bulk of what we watch on TV, Film and read in … Continue reading

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Alright. Yea, It’s gonna be alright

I’ve lived long enough to have the desire to give up.   I could have stayed silent.  Nah, I couldn’t.   What fascinates me about this whole phone camera documenting the shootings of unarmed black people  phenomenon is still, how … Continue reading

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Learning to Respect Religions

  Our society seems to be obsessed with simplicity and categorizing people into boxes.  I strongly believe the root cause of all that keeps human kind together is this need to throw away our oneness and divide ourselves into teams. … Continue reading

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I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying right here.

It’s that time.  The icons I grew up admiring are moving on from this physical reality.  With Muhammad Ali’s passing, I remember the positive impact his ego left on the black community.  Did everyone love him? Of course not.  Many … Continue reading

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