Perimenopause Paper 2B: Sleep Magick Rituals

White Sage Smudge Bundle Smudging your sleep space with white sage is thought to clear all energy in the space.

A good night’s sleep is the foundation to a great life. Just think about the last time you had a beautiful night’s rest and how your life felt the next day.

A restful night is everything.

One of the side effects of perimenopause is insomnia.

First of all see a doctor if your insomnia is really bad. Know that may doctors will want to give you a prescription right off the bat. Be mindful.

Palo Santo wood is said to clear negative energy and attract positive energy.

Insomnia Triggers:

Too many mirrors in the bedroom

LED lighting

Chaotically decorated bedroom

Too many things under the bed



Here’s some simple science-based habits that support deep restful sleep magick:

Wind Down- Meditate, read spend time relaxing time with family (if possible), have some herbal tea or take a hot bath to wind down before laying down to rest.

Cut back on Caffeine – keep caffeine for early morning only. Try it.

Limit screen viewing- use night shift on your iPhone or tablet so that screens have a more orange glow after sunset. Use blue light blocking glasses when looking at screens.

Exercise – work out daily will make you tired at night. Seriously.

Protein rich diet – yep. Eat well it works.

Dreams: Our dreams contain emotions that we are processing and help us to purify ourselves of their painful residue. Dreams also can process what we’e learned during the day and can also purify our painful emotions. Keep a pen and paper by the bed and write down your dreams.

Black Tourmaline -Relaxation

Heal heartache

Promotes harmonious dreams

Herb Bundles

Hops, valerian, passionflower, chamomile, kava, lavender are all herbs that welcome sleep, rest and relaxation.

Be willing to try! Sleep is the foundation to a happy life and great health.




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