Perimenopause Papers 1B: Full Moon in Pisces…I bleed

What if, our menstrual cycles were the blueprint to organize our lives? What if our menstrual cycles were connected to the cycle of the Moon? Could we foresee emotional swings that are connected to our hormones? Would we be better equipped to know when to drink more water and green juice, when to have a full meal with tons of protein and when and why we want to just eat a huge cupcake? Would we know why we were feeling horny or angry or sad? What if our menstrual cycles were the blueprint to read our emotions and know ourselves better?

September 14, 2019 is the harvest moon in Pisces and I am writing this on my period, on a full moon. I am in transition. I’m also on day 6 of a 9 day liver/kidney cleanse and this harvest moon feels like the perfect time to cleanse.

My intuition is so strong that during a intuition card reading on a virtual group session with my coach Shannon Algeo, (who is in LA) he as my avatar, pulled this card

The energy that pulled this card was not Shannon being a healer, it wasn’t magic. It was me. My intuition. You can’t TELL me that intuition isn’t a thing!

As I spoke on my cleanse the group mentioned the full moon as I shared about my being in perimenopause. See, before the call, I was in the bathroom at the fancy and super clean Starbucks bathroom inside the Barnes & Noble in Northern VA gently throwing up the watermelon Kombucha I was drinking on my drive to the Mosaic district.

With my consistent physical practice of hot yoga, weight training and cardio, my menstrual cramps have diminished greatly. I also think the Femenessence Maca soothes the symptoms as well. But I do have one morning or late evening of nausea where whatever is in my stomach, just comes right up and it’s usually on the second day or first actual day of bleeding during my period these days. So right before the call I had to run to the bathroom and once I expelled, I felt relief. I rinsed my mouth out fixed my make up and looked at myself in the mirror… lighting was good so I took the photo at the top of this blog post. That’s what it looks like when all has been released. So when we were on the call I thought wow… my period is on and the moon is full what does that mean? Is it connected? I did a quick google search and saw that many women think there is a connection.

Okay let’s get into it. Western medicine says that women’s periods are random.

Yet Dr. Christiane Northrop writes,” Even in modern society, where we are cut off from the rhythms of nature, the cycle of ovulation is influenced by the moon. Studies have shown that peak rates of conception and probably ovulation appear to occur at the full moon or the day before.

During the new moon, ovulation and conception rates are decreased overall, and an increased number of women start their menstrual bleeding. Scientific research has documented that the moon rules the flow of fluids (ocean tides as well as individual body fluids) and affects the unconscious mind and dreams.)”

I’m going with Dr. Northrop. I love her, I like to believe in magic and I definitely noticed that the full moon was happening and my period was happening at the same time this month and my intuition says let’s explore this! Here we go.

For our purposes, let’s entertain that this philosophy of our menstrual cycles being connected to the cycle of the moon is true and learn more about the moon and our menstrual cycles.

As with everything, our connection to the moon varies depending on our stage of life. The New Moon is the time to be low energy to reflect renew and rest.

As we are in perimenopause, do our cycles link up with the lunar calendar?

Let’s do a “totally unscientific study” here on the blog. September 14th was the Harvest Moon. How many of you were on your period fullest day flow on September 14th and are you going through perimenopause?

How did you feel? We’re you tired?

Did you rest?

Did you power through?

According to many women connect our menstrual cycles to the lunar cycle. “Our hormonal, emotional, creative, active and spiritual selves, and of course our powerful and necessary bleeding times, correlate firmly every month with what we see of the Moon’s waxing and waning light.”

Here’s an outline of the cycle according to Please read through and see where you fit in, if you fit in and share your experience in the comments section.

“1. Menstrual / Bleeding Phase = Waning Crescent / New Moon

Physically, we are bleeding, feeling tired and inactive with possible lower back pain and pelvic cramps.  See these as signs and encouragement to rest and retreat!

Our emotional strength is at its lowest ebb.

We are inwardly focused, preferring quiet and probably solitude.

It is time for consciously releasing outmoded beliefs, attitudes and behaviors, along with the bodily release of blood.  It’s important to do this now, so that anything that no longer serves us is not carried with us over into the next cycle.

Intuition is heightened – the two hemispheres of the brain are most actively communicating at this phase so intuitive insights and messages may be received.

As bleeding slows, it’s time for consciously setting intentions for the new cycle and emerging from this time of retreat.


 2. Pre-Ovulation / Follicular Phase = Waxing Crescent / First Quarter / Waxing Gibbous Moon

The pituitary glands release follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which is the signal the ovaries need to get ready to ovulate.

Our physical and emotional energy is rising.

We feel more open to others and to the possibilities around us.

Our rising confidence enables us to attract more of what we desire into our lives.

We feel increasingly creative, enthusiastic and eager to make plans and put them into action.

3. Ovulatory Phase = Full / Waning Gibbous Moon

Ovulation occurs.

Physically we are at our strongest and most alert.  Emotionally we are energized and confident.

High, stable estrogen levels mean that we feel open, sociable, and communicative, so the general mood is great!

It’s the best time in our cycle to throw or attend a party, to go on dates and schedule meetings.  This is because our communication skills are at their sharpest, we’re thinking quickly, calmly and logically, and we have the stamina to keep going!

We may be more aware of our appearance and become flirtations and sexually confident (this is our most fertile phase).

4. Luteal / Pre-Menstrual Phase = Waning Gibbous / Last Quarter / Waning Crescent Moon)

We start to experience a decline in physical and emotional energy, and towards the end of the cycle, premenstrual symptoms may appear.

We may become anxious, irritable and defensive in an attempt to push others away, in order to create the space we need to be alone.

We feel the desire to perform self-care rituals, to restore and honor the body and aid in its natural cleansing and repair.  Emotionally, these kinds of activities (long hot baths, massage, facials, manicures, etc.) help us to feel soothed and grounded.

We begin to seek more comfort and the familiar.

The particular ratio of hormones at this phase increases our attention to detail, and we may become absorbed in domestic chores and feel the urge to take stock and have a good clear out.

Emotionally, it’s also time to take stock and reflect on the cycle, which can result in feeling either proud of what we’ve achieved, or disappointed in ourselves.  This reflection prepares us to strip back and release any aspects of ourselves no longer desired or required, as we anticipate the release that comes with our next loss of menstrual blood.

The depth you need or wish to dive into any of these phases is up to you, and will change according to where you are on your own journey. But the basic pattern and rhythm hold true for all women, so it is incredibly important to remember that the ebb and flow is our natural state.  Modern society may demand a single, relentless, progressive pace, but that has never been our natural, female way – our bodies tell us so!

Once you have an awareness of this rhythm, it is far easier to start to tune into your body and emotions and then respond in whatever way is needed most.

Honouring the female cycles of fertility and menstruation is the responsibility of each single one of us, and is one of the most vital and practical ways we can keep on encouraging the awakening of the divine feminine energies within.”

All I know is, my body has always been ahead of my mind. I used to doubt it’s actions, now I just believe in my intuition and follow her guidance and she never steers me wrong. I strongly believe my body has been on the right track but my mind, my thinking mind, my domesticated mind gets in the way of my wisdom. What if, the emotions I’m feeling are signals? I mean, in my mindfulness meditation I practice looking at thoughts like clouds, I practice not believing that thoughts are facts, they are just thoughts that I can let go of. But what if the thoughts are tools, hints, signs to look at and consider before I let go of them. That doesn’t mean that I immediately act on thoughts as fact, rather, if the thought resonates… I can meditate on it before letting it go particularly if I’m in a more intuitive stage of my cycle.

Knowing that my body is on a cycle that’s connected to the moon and the circadian rhythm is liberating. Man even KNOWING what the circadian rhythm is and how that connects to my menstrual cycle and how that effects my mood…is EVERYTHING. I’ll be sharing more about circadian rhythm and perimenopause in my blog next week. Stay tuned!!!

If you feel called, please track your moon cycle and share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Next week we dive into the circadian rhythm, perimenopause, and redefining our sleep patterns.

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