Slow Food Vegan Again

I became a vegetarian back in 1998 after a bout with Bell’s Palsy. Long story short, I was running myself ragged, first year in NYC my acting career was going well and I was enjoying all that NYC has to offer socially. I was totally depleted and while I was literally on stage in Connecticut on a corporate gig, my face totally froze.

When I got back to Manhattan I immediately went to the emergency room found a great doctor who recommended a friend of his who was an acupuncturist. After a session, the acupuncturist recommended some Chinese herbs and recommended I try a plant based diet.

I followed his advice, my face was back to normal in about two weeks and I was plant based until 2014.

A plant based diet, in my body, effected my joints and a long term injury I’d had in a tendon in my hip was torn. I did some research on bone broth and animal protein on joints and found animal protein would help my healing process.

So I started eating animal protein once more. 2018 after a visit to my nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood, I discovered I had two fibroids one was about 2 inches the other was less than an inch. I decided to go plant based, but half assed it.

May 2019 back for my exam at planned parenthood, I got a sonogram and a transvaginal ultrasound one fibroid grew a centimetre one stayed the same and there’s a new one.

So…I’m plant based again.

Here’s the thing, the style of eating the body needs to thrive changes during a lifetime. In my opinion there is not one set style of eating for all humans to follow BUT eating real food prepared in the slow food tradition is best for all humans. That means letting go of corporate non food substances.

The goal is to starve the fibroids. No processed foods, no mucus forming foods and no foods with high acid level.

Veganism today includes many processed foods, fake meats, cheeses, highly processed soy products.

I’ll be sharing my home made vegan recipes and showing what it takes to achieve a slow food vegan lifestyle.

Slow food means minimising foods that come from cans and boxes. Featuring foods that grow from the earth and sea.

Join me for my plant based journey to healing with joy and love.




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Entertainment/Wellness Journalist, Writer, Playwright, Actor, Producer, Vegan Chef Contributor - Black Girl Founder - VisAbleblackwoman Productions
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