Healthy Thru the Holidays 2018: Travel Balance

Believe it or not, the holidays are the PERFECT time of the year to practice mindful strength.

Okay I know you’re like… whaaaaat?!!? The holidays are the time for me to relax and let my hair down.

Here’s the thing, you can relax let your hair down while at the same time practice mindful strength and protect your heart.

The trick is, to do a little bit every day and don’t be a perfectionist. Yoga is a physical practice intended to be done daily for a lifetime. Living inside the poses is a metaphor for life. Simple yet complex.

And guess what… you don’t need yoga pants or a mat or a bolster or some skinny white woman in a sloppy bun guiding you through her vision of yoga to practice. Nah. All you need is your own sacred self and basic knowledge of the poses.

And Yoga is the PERFECT physical practice while on the road.


Imagine your feet and legs are the number 11. Standing parallel, equal support on each foot.

Inside your shoes, connect your heel and the pads of your upper feet… spread out through your 5 toe joints, lifting your toes and breathe life into your feet.

Start by counting to five relaxing and build up to counting breaths for as long as you are in line.

Allow your breath to be natural and notice the fullness of breath. Foundation.

2. BALANCE part 1

Keep that foundation grounded.

Start with whatever foot feels right and shift your weight to one side.

Then…lift your heal, notice how your knee bends, your hip turns out gently and allow your toe to kiss the ground.

Then breathe.

If you are new to yoga…or it’s just a long ass day, this is enough. Just do the same process on the other side and relax.


Slowly point your knee to one side allowing your hip to open

Lift your knee and place your foot on your standing leg’s inner calf.

Steps 1 and 2 are perfect for long lines at the airport where you need to practice patience. We give up control when we travel by air. So, the only thing we can control is our mind. How we react in the circumstances we happen to be thrust into is our only place of power. Practice grounding into that power.

Step 3- Tree Pose

If you feel ready and are willing to focus lift your foot and place near your inner thigh. Feel free to take off your shoe or boot and press that foot into your standing leg. You don’t have to lift your arms just standing in tree grounding down into the earth is great for practicing balance in any circumstance.

Step 4. Bring it HIGH!!! Extended Hand to Toe Pose with lifted Arm

If you feel it and don’t give a care… Do your full on standing pose and vibrate the radiance of life. Some poses just allow us to connect to joy in real time. This standing balancing pose strengthens your legs hips and helps to develop a keen sense of balance.

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