A lesson: Christianity, Paganism & Beyoncé


Photo from US magazine

Okay, so…some rabid Christian woman that Beyonce’s performance was sinful on a thread that called Beyonce’s performance “stunning calling Beyonce’s performance Sinful…

So I chose to write this:
Stunning. Those who don’t understand, it’s sad. What the ignorant call “sin” is actually the basis of Christianity. Christianity’s foundation is…pagan ritual. When the Roman empire would conquer a nation, they would not force the nation to take on the Roman religion, each culture was allowed to keep it’s own religion.

That was until the Christian sect came along.

Then about 300 years after Jesus Christ died, the Roman Emperor Constantine, merged the earth based pagan religions with Christianity in an attempt to keep the decaying Roman empire together under one religion. That’s why there are Christmas trees, and rabbits with chocolate eggs at Easter…and all the traditions of Christianity…and the Mother Mary…is the goddess Yemaya who is also the Celtic goddess Danu,(Celts..The UK, Ireland etc) who is also the Greek goddess Gaia, who is the roman goddess Hera who is the Lakota goddess Wohpe (Native American tribe)…who the Catholic church, which is the basis of all modern Christian religions, attempted to wipe from the planet.

But monotheism tore Rome apart and the Catholic church brought in the reformation, the dark ages. Offshoots of this Church collaborated to create systems to break down the African continent, tribe by tribe through slavery, colonialism and stealing land and resources sponsored by Christianity. Christians transported their dysfunction to what they called the new world and fucked up the Indigenous American tribes as well.

Religions run by men, supported by brainwashed women. Who kill in the name of Christ. Who manipulate the masses for cash and who live like kings judging everyone from their super churches with their airplanes and fancy homes.

Religions who demean women and attempt to subjugate us.

When women dance…share our voices…find ways to honor the divine feminine …moving our hips…being in our bodies..not for the pleasure of men…no… just to embrace our natural state of joy…it’s called sin.

I pity those who don’t understand and are so so stuck, so domesticated, such sheep…living your lives in straight lines, complaining about the present, hoping for a paradise elsewhere…while you miss the beauty and joy…the paradise that already lies within you.

Ah well.

Live in your ignorance, it’s your loss.

Those of us who do understand…have compassion for you.

And Beyonce….is in her flow, in her glow…shining her light BRIGHT and those of us who understand know she doesn’t think she’s a God… she’s an artist connected to the past leaving a legacy that will keep our traditions alive.






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