The Black Girl Justice League…You in?



Actions speak louder than words.  One person taking positive action creates a ripple effect of positivity that can move mountains.

Each month in GirlTrek we have a different focus.  This month is Activism August…  Co founders Morgan & Vanessa say it best:

“50,000 Black women will walk to the polls together on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th. It’s called The Black Girl Justice League!

1.  I’m in!  How do I join? 

Start training! Get your weight up! Before Election Day, walk 50 miles, register 50 new voters or host a pop up table the weekend August 18th – that’s the day women got the right to vote in 1920! Some women – in true superhero style – will do all three! #BlackGirlJusticeLeague?

2.  How will you know I’m training?

Use to log your walks and register voters; Keep us updated on social media using #BlackGirlJusticeLeague!


3.  How do I host a walk on Election Day?

It’s easy! Post your own event here. The name of your walk should be: “[Insert Name of Polling Location] Justice Crusade,” for example Drew Middle School Justice Crusade.  To find your voting location, click here.


4.  Can anyone host a walk?

Yes, anyone who is organizing for the #BlackGirlJusticeLeague – that includes YOU as soon as you start training!


5.  How do I find a walk near me?

Click here and type in your zip code. If you don’t see a walk to your polling place, start training and create one!


6.  How can I help?

Get involved.  1) Promise to train.  2) Register new voters at 3) Host a walk with your neighbors to your local polling place.


7.  What else can I do?

Forward this email to 3 people you know. Help us spread the word.


8.  What is the Black Girl Justice League?

A campaign started by two friends – Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison – to increase voter turnout on Election Day.  This campaign is “powered by GirlTrek,” a national nonprofit that they started to promote walking and self-care. There are already 68,0000 Black women who walk with GirlTrek everyday.


9.  Who are we voting for?

You choose. This is not a partisan campaign. We are not lobbying for a party. Volunteers should not wear candidate buttons or stickers on their GirlTrek gear.


10.  Who do I contact for help?

Tech problems? Media requests? General questions or ideas? Send an email to and we’ll get your question to the right person on our team.”

So…get off the computer and start training.

You ready?










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