Nothing lasts forever…so live now


Music is like a time machine.  Hearing a song can transport me to a different space in time.  Under Pressure and Modern Love by David Bowie allow me to travel through time.  These songs in particular, were freedom for me.  As I grew up, I learned that there will always be restrictions to freedom yet I move on.

David Bowie died this week.  Looking at photographs of his life…he lived, creating up to the very end of existence on this physical plane.

I’ve been listening to his musical Lazarus…and it is fantastic.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been acutely aware that one day I will die.  I remember watching  Casablanca when I was really little and thinking…all of these people in this movie are either dead or really old.   I grew up in a religion where the belief was that death was un-natural and their main idea was that this world was a testing point…for future paradise.  So, I spent my childhood not living in reality and my 20’s running from reality.  Then I saw the twin towers fall from 6th ave & 13th st and I was immediately dropped into reality.  Witnessing the death of thousands of people changed me.

Live now cause we are all dying.


I loved David Bowie’s music.  As he was dying of cancer he told very few people and continued creating even more compelling work.

From the moment we are born…we are dying.  That’s scary.  Why not live like we are dying every day.  What if that is the point of life?  To know it’s going to end so go balls out every day in whatever we are doing until we are done?

Why not say yes to life knowing we aren’t going to live forever.

Living like we are dying means saying yes to taking really great care of your body to get the most out of it.

Living like we are dying means digging deep and recognizing that happiness lies within and sadness is there to remind us that there’s something that needs to be healed.

Take stock take time  celebrate life and live…cause one day we will all die.





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