2015.  One of my high points was

GirlTrek organizer training in Colorado…..


The lessons I learned out in Colorado are life lessons.   GirlTrek’s mission is simple.  To get 1 million black women walking in their neighborhoods once a week.

GirlTrek is gearing up for 2016 and has challenged the 150 organizers (the first of 1000 organizers needed to get this task done) to publicly declare a Wild and Wonderful health adventure to achieve this year.

Mine is actually the first part of a 5 year plan.

Okay, here it is, you ready?  To complete a half marathon in 2016.

The full plan is to complete the Iron man Race in Kona HI in 2020.  That’s 4 years to a triathlon.  As of today, I can’t swim, don’t have a bike and am a pretty sucky runner but I’m running.

Since hiking to the Mountain top twice in September 2015 with GirlTrek  I’ve been walking and jogging.  I completed a 5 K at Thanksgiving and am alternating running and doing yoga every day.

I’ll be keeping a blog journal, J9 triathlon by 20 over on gmail to document my journey.

Instead of making some resolution that will be over in a few weeks, why not create a Wild Health Adventure to work towards this year?

Happy New Year!





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Entertainment/Wellness Journalist, Writer, Playwright, Actor, Producer, Vegan Chef Contributor - Black Girl Nerds.com Founder - VisAbleblackwoman Productions
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