Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster~ Sun Tzu ~Dealing with racism on Social Media


America is built on brutalizing black people.  Yet another brutalization of a young black girl by a man in uniform has been recorded on a cell phone.  This time it happened in a classroom in South Carolina.  As quickly as the video is out…portions of the media and conformist Americans (of all races) are coming out in full force to defend authority and demonize the civilians.

For those of us who are clued in to what is really going on…it’s time to sharpen your skills so that we can dive into the conversation from a place of power and stay on message.

If you notice, conservative organizations stick to their message like a dog with a succulent bone no matter what.

In a FB discussion about the South Carolina school room incident on an Occupy Wall street Facebook posting  I pointed out the fact that in public schools the poor of all races and poor black kids are being groomed to conform while  the privileged are being groomed to debate, question because  black kids are being groomed for service jobs and prison and the privileged are being groomed for college and the boardroom.

Some white woman from like Nevada or something starts talking about Native Americans. Saying how native americans faced discrimination as well blah blah.

Instead of getting distracted I saw this was a troll trying to sideline the truth and I did not get sucked in to her madness.  I deleted her post and blocked her.  I also blocked all of the racist posts on the thread.

Doing that allowed those folks who were actually wanting to have a valid respectful conversation and debate about the subject matter to do so in a safe internet space.

We are coming upon a day of reckoning that many privileged white people do not want to deal with. I can understand that.  I mean if I were a white person with forefathers who were slave owners I would feel guilty and may feel compelled to try to justify bad behaviour change and hide from history as well.  You see, people of color have always been brutalized in this country and have been killed if we speak up.  But now…we need to speak up and keep speaking up in order to evolve this situation.  Our lives depend on it.

People of color in the 21st century are documenting our reality, and the system of cover up is being totally rocked because we have cameras on our phones and we are gathering and organizing.

Even the example of the woman on FB saying…”Well native americans are brutalized too..”  As if to say… “Stop complaining black woman…there are other people who have it worse off than you so just shut the fuck up and conform.”

So here’s another tip to deal with that… stay focused on the subject at hand.

It is impossible to quantify suffering.  Native Americans were brutalized, Jews and Muslims have been brutalizing one another for centuries,  African tribes are cruel to one another… this has nothing to do with the conversation of a police officer using excessive force on a young black girl.  Bringing up all of those other subjects on a Facebook thread about a black girl getting beat up by the police is just to change the subject.  I’m more than happy to discuss the state of Native peoples or African tribes, or the state of Jews and Arabs fighting on a feed that is about those specific issues.

People of color need to realize that when racist white people bring up the Native American challenges…when the subject is about dealing with racism against American Africans they are doing it only to attempt to silence their own guilt and change the subject, not to gain understanding or develop empathy. They do it to shut down the conversation.

Here’s the thing, Native Americans fought Europeans from the 1600’s until almost 1900 to attempt to keep their land.  Europeans saw how strong those tribes were and learned from the challenge.  When the Europeans went to steal Africans…they made SURE to take away any traces of their specific tribes and culture in order to subjugate them and make them weak, docile, well-behaved and pliant.  Europeans learned how to break down a culture by practicing on the Native American tribes…their strategies worked and this legacy of subjugation has been passed on to their modern ancestors.  That strategy of brutal force on Black Americans is the foundation of keeping American Africans distracted, divided and focused solely on survival which distracts many from reaching their full potential. Why?  Because it eliminates competition to the privileged insecure whites who are desperate to keep their illusion of the American dream to themselves.

Why do you think the privileged are so quick to call anything that does not involve them “reverse racism”?  Why are so many white people intimidated when people of color want to gather in their own groups?  Look at what is happening with POC Yoga classes…that is a perfect example of how diabolical the privileged mind is… White people have culturally appropriated the asana practice of YOGA turning it into a practice for the affluent…and when people of color want to practice the form as a safe space to heal race based trauma…some racist white people call it reverse racism.  The privileged have the gaul to be both the oppressor and try to be the victim at the same time!  Jesus…there’s even therapists and coaches for the 1%  trust fund babies who feel guilty about having money .

Another tactic the “all” factor.  When people of color bring up a topic..say speaking about violence of some members of the police against black people or even against people who are activists…and people rush to say “Well all…” .   That is another tactic to sideline the conversation and to showcase their known or un realized feeling of superiority or the need to educate the feeble-minded person of color who can’t actually have complex thought.

OF COURSE we are not speaking about ALL of a group.  GOD  this is so infuriating when people use this tactic!  Why…it works. Doing this distracts from the actual point of the discussion and makes it about the “white” person educating the person of color…which is connected to that white person’s superiority complex that is encouraged, fostered and supported by most institutions in this country.

Then there’s the quagmire of liberal whites seeking to be “educated” by people of color then, as soon as the person of color shares their experience…the liberal white guilt floods in causing the liberal to flip to this condescending know it all mindset. “Oh have you read  “The New Jim Crow  by Michelle Alexander?  Or You know what you should read… Ta Nehisi Coates  book Between the World and Me Letters to his son.” Then they seek to educate people of color after reading like one or two books about inequality and having a black friend or dating a black guy.

Get the fuck outta here.

Last tip… know that western society specifically targets showing violence connected to black people to dehumanize us and desensitize others toward violence and black people.

Look at films, TV shows and the media…how many black people will you see shot, punched, yelled at or killed on the big and small screens?   How many news reports of violence, assault, depravity will you be exposed to in a day?  Studies have shown that white people actually are desensitized to seeing violent acts against black people SO MUCH that they think that black people actually feel less pain.  That is messed up.  It’s a tactic and it works.  The low level of empathy of so many when it comes to violence against black people is just staggering.

Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster. Sun Tzu.

Racist white people who support institutional racism in order to live their quest for the American Dream are the enemy.  Knowing their strategies, our history will shift your perspective and enable you to work smarter.

The best way to stick it to institutional racism and ignorant racists…live a life happy and able to deal with whatever shit they throw at us and shine like a fucking lighthouse.  Living in abundance, embracing our freedom.





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