How do we solve income inequality of women? By supporting women.


Bernie & Hillary were talking income inequality last night.  Bernie even has a plan…

“1. Create Millions of Jobs

By investing in $1 trillion in America’s deteriorating infrastructure, Sanders said he will create nearly 13 million jobs. And to support young Americans he plans to invest $5.5 billion in a youth jobs program.

2. Raise the Minimum Wage to $15

Sanders plans to increase the minimum wage to $15 by 2020, while increasing the tipped minimum wage from $2.13 to $15 by 2023. A Pew Research Center Surveyfound that 73 percent of people at least want the federal minimum wage to be $10.10 an hour. Republicans are split down the middle with 53 percent in favor and 43 percent opposed. An overwhelming majority, 90 percent, of Democrats, and 71 percent of Independents are in favor of raising the minimum wage.

3. Push Pay Equity for Women Workers

Sanders said he will sign the “Paycheck Fairness Act,” that would ensure equal pay for equal work in America.  In 2013, on average women earned 78 cents for every dollar men earned, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  But it the statistics get worse for Latino women at 56 cents and African-American women who earn nearly 64 cents for every dollar earned by white males.

4. End “Disastrous” Trade Policies

Sanders says that our trade policies “have cost us millions of jobs.” Sanders has been a strong opponent to trade agreements: NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR with China, and the recent TPP. According to him, these trade polices have caused wages to decline and jobs to be transferred overseas.

5. Free Public College and University Tuition

Student loan debt has plagued the middle class.  Sanders said that the federal government shouldn’t be making a profit on student loans. He plans to pay for free education through imposing a tax on Wall Street speculators.”
From The Street
Today I’ve seen dozens of conversations on social media debating women being able to earn our worth.. but what do we do while we wait for policies to change?

We get creative.

In the past in many communities people came together to pool what they could to help one another. Think about the barn raising parties in the midwest, rent parties in Harlem, church potluck dinners in the south. Until change happens, what can we do to support women on the grassroots level? One answer..crowdsourcing our funds to support women with vision.


My friends Anita Teresa and Megwyn White are both spectacularly gifted, creative, giving, talented and WISE.   Since 2013 they have been hosting Embodied Femme workshops and classes that connect women to their innate sense of creativity.  Why is this important?  When we enable women to creatively express themselves, communities become even stronger and society benefits.

Megwin and Anita have a special opportunity to obtain the business training they need in order to reach the next level and bring this vital practice to women.

Click HERE to find out more about  Anita and Megwin and use this as an opportunity to  help solve income inequality.




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